I'm so excited you put out a new album! But it makes me wonder - I haven't heard anything about Pete's game in a while. Anything happening with that? I have been a huge fan of you guys ever since hearing Zombie Me and Sweep the Leg in 2007. Definitely one of the all-time greatest bands, in my opinion!

daspetey responded on 05/31/2014

thank you so much! we're pretty proud of the new album.

ahh the game! it makes me sad, but the Critical Hit game i was working on got cancelled. it had some budget problems, and we never could put it back on track. i ended up writing a ton of stories and quests set in that world though. so i'm trying to figure out how to do something with them.

we did however, finish a zombie game. i don't know if you know about that one, but you can get it here:

thanks again for your kind message and question!


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