Hey guys! Been a big fan since the beginning! Love those funky tunes!

Got a question for your drummer...as a drummer myself, I've been listening a LOT to "Circle Gets the Square" and "Robots Don't Cry". I absolutely LOVE the drum beats he puts in, but I can't for the life of me figure out how he's playing them! If he could get in touch with me at briandrummer1026@aol.com, I would be FOREVER GRATEFUL! I REALLY want to learn how to play these tunes properly! Maybe he could send me a how to video on each of them, explaining the technicalities that he's playing, or send a pdf of a transcription or something! A play-along album sans-drums would be AWESOME too! I'd buy that in a heartbeat! These are super technical grooves and I believe they will help me become a better, more rounded percussionist and musician. Thanks for all the AWESOME tunes! Keep 'em coming! Ill keep listening and supporting you guys!

Brian T.

daspetey responded on 07/28/2014

hi there brian. yes, jason tiemann is an absolute monster drummer.
i'll forward him your info, but he's a pretty bust session guy, so i'm not sure if he'll be able to respond.
in any case, i'm glad you dig the stuff. i'll talk to neil about a drum-along version. that'd be fun. people have asked for karaoke versions in the past. it might be time for us to do all that.

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