Are all of your songs references to both obscure and pop culture? If so, what is the meaning behind Cellphone, Mr. B, Leroy and Me, Circle Gets a Square, Something to Hide, and Grand Experiment?

daspetey responded on 01/14/2012

hmm.. well, not all the songs are pop culture references. some are personal songs, like 'this', or 'umbrella', or even 'someday' (while there are pop culture references in it.)

'cellphone' is a retelling of the king arthur and merlin relationship. with cellphones.

'mr. b' was about a very busy friend of mine named brian.

'leroy and me' is about butch cassidy and the sundance kid.

'circle gets a square' is about the old tv game show 'hollywood squares'. but it's more about trying too hard to be the center of attention.

'something to hide' is about our dualistic fascination with sharing everything on the internet, while also being concerned about privacy.

aaand, good ol 'grand experiment' is a simple song about trying, in vain, to boil down the secrets of life, to a formula. it's based on a quote by emmerson.

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