Do you ever get sick of your own songs? How many times do you listen to them over the course of, say, a month?

daspetey responded on 03/07/2012

that's a great question! yes, absolutely. while on tour, i got super sick of 'sweep the leg', but because it was our single, i couldn't drop it from the set.

other songs that i got sick of, were fine, because i could drop them for a few nights, and then bring them back. but not old 'sweep'.

when we were first recording, and even right before the tour, i was listening to the stuff quite a bit. at first i was scrutinizing the stuff. we were making changes and finalizing the album order. but then, i could only hear the stuff i did wrong. i wasn't enjoying it. so i stopped.

now, i don't listen to my stuff at all. in fact, the other day i was at a friend's party, and 'this' came on her shuffled playlist. it surprised me. i was like 'ooh, i haven't heard this song in years.'


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